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Video Art and Talk-001: Other Side of the Creek

Title: Other Side of the Creek 

Duration: 9 minutes 

Artist: Halima Haruna 

Date of screening/event: 23 April 2019


 Brought up in a Yoruba household in cosmopolitan Nigerian cities makes for a complex childhood and familial relations. The fabric of persons and cultures determines our way of being in the world, of seeing the world. By looking into the past as a site for creative potential, and for political debate, we wander through ancestral and spiritual material. How can our history, our borne selves, our ancestors answer the pertinent question of Nigerian society? In this video audiovisual material formed out of explorative investigation coalesce as meditation, ritual, divination, in the bush, in the city. They form a tableau of metaphors to predict a near political future governed by the spirit. 

 Artist bio: Halima Haruna is an artist, researcher and writer. They live and work in Abuja. Their practices revolves around cultural theory based on Nigerian socio-politics. 

Video above of the talk session of the Video art and talk series